Located in southern Humboldt, we strive to provide our patients with flower that provides maximum relief that they can trust. This means we stay true to the earth, by using fully organic sun grown methods. The sun and the earth harmoniously work in tandem with WyldeHeart to increase this plants potential. 


The concentrated solar nectars provided by WyldeHeart have mastered a process. By capturing all of the benefits of the plant, and maintaining a solvent-free product, the nectar becomes your best friend. 

Salve & Soak

The cannabis plant offers so many healthy relationships with the body. By offering a multitude of avenues to benefit from, WyldeHeart's holistic vision is achieved. Our topical salve and bath soak are 100% organic, with the essence of medicinal herbs. Whether you had a long day, or suffer from chronic aches and pains, our topical's are the answer. 

Wildcraft Cocoa

In collaboration with Ancestral and Shawn Parkins, we have created a truly unique edible product. The majority of our ingredients were wildcrafted in the amazon, and brought here directly. Finally taking the level of medicinal chocolates into the artisan arena, each combination of herbs holds a purpose for your desire.